After Action Report

May 1-2, 2015

  • Battle of Mount Vernon

  • Mt. Vernon, Virginia


Can you top this?

A weekend of glorious weather. Four tactical powder burners (1+ box cartrideges/tactical/troop)! 18 Horse. 5 Cannon. Fife and drum in the field. 200-250 Troops and camp followers. Two companies of continental forces in the field with mounted Dragoons. Officer reenactors including George Washington and Rouchambou. 1,000 + Spectators. Exclusive evening jolification grounds including free food and drink. Fireworks show on the Potomac. A working distillery and mill. A 3rd NY dinning fly and kitchen. Three Yorker wedges. 9 3rd Yorkers attending. Sat night dinner under the fly compliments of the 3rd NY Commissary and the Quartermaster (Kielbasa in honor of Gen Kosciuszko).

Yorkers fought, suffered and perished bravely that weekend. Surprisingly the sun and heat were borderline brutal for an early May weekend. Elements of the 3rd NY were amalgamated into the 1st NY and marched and maneuvered smartly. Our casualties on the field were of a voluntary nature and not from heat stroke! Once again, in one of the tacticals, the 3rd NY was taken down to a man under withering crown forces fire power. If we do one thing good it's get a gasp out of the crowd when we go down! Yorkers marched to the tomb of the General and his bride to pay respects. It became an unexpected somber moment as the crowed that gathered took witness to our salute and moment of silence.

The Commander In Chief's home was superb and the scenic view of the river inspired personal Zen moments. The grounds were immaculate, well groomed and cared for. Host staff was organized and prepared. Reenactors were pampered well. A fun time was had by all. Without a doubt Mount Vernon is a place to see and do again!

On behalf of the Commander, thanks to all those that attended.

I remain your most honorable servant,

Sgt. Andy F, 3rd NY Adj.

3rd NY regiment Long Island Companies