A Call To Arms

October 4

  • Sagtikos Manor

  • Bayshore, N.Y.

See what the Sagtikos Manor is saying about the 3rd NY by visiting their site.

Yorkers! Have a care!!

The British Army has quartered officers at the Sagtikos Manor! George Washington will be passing by for the night! The stage coach is almost here for its pickup on the way to Sag Harbor via the Ketcham Inn; get ready! The 3rd NY 1775 Long Island Companies have been called to arm the grounds and encamp for the day!


The Sagtikos Manor is located in West Bayshore ( LI, NY). Built in 1697, expanded in 1772, sullied by the British Army In 1776, and honored by the Comander In Chief in 1790 the Manor is once again holding its Fall Festival Sunday October 4th 2015 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

The Sagtikos Manor is owned by Suffolk County and the Sagtikos Manor Historical Society runs period tours of the Manor and collaborates with the County of Suffolk. The Commander has accepted an invitation to once again participate in the festival. Attendance is encouraged.

As a twist to our program this year, Yorkers who may have a British "Red Coat" impression are encouraged to dress in your splendid attire. Commander McClain will lead a detail of Crown Forces as a representation of the British occupation of the Manor (1776). We are hoping to set up the british officers in the Manor House or in the Commanders Marquee. Gray and green (1775) will be the uniform of the day for the rest of you patriots; if you please!

Children's musket drill and games, Music Demonstration, Fashion Show and squad maneuvers and drill, as always, are anticipated to be part of our encampment for the day.

Please sound off regarding your attendance (and indicate your uniform) for Commissary and Quartermaster planning.

Come down to Sagtikos Manor and restock your jelly, milk the cow and bite that apple off the string! Relax and picknic on the delectables of our Regimental kitchen...(you'll need to fatten up for our reunion tactical with the British 22nd of Foot in Fort Solonga...Stand by for more on that).

Please shout out if you need directions to Sagtikos Manor for this October 4th.

I remain your most honorable servant,

Sgt. Andy F., 3rdNY Regiment 1775, Adjutan.

3rd NY regiment Long Island Companies