2019 Event Schedule

On this page you will find a listing of events the unit plans to attend as a group this season. There may be other events occuring that members will attend themselves and there may be new events that come up through the year. Visit this page often for the latest news.

The 3rd NY Regt of 1775 is grateful for the continued recognition and generous support of The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation

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February 16

  • 3rd New York Regiment Annual Unit Banquet

  • N.Y.

Our annual banquet in honor of His Excellency George Washington. Plenty of food and dancing to period music called by Chart Guthrie. Invitations to members will be sent by post.

March 23

  • Hampton Bays St. Patrick's Day Parade

  • Hampton Bays, N.Y.

Time to get up off your asp and drive out the snakes.

April 27-28

  • BAR School Of Instruction

  • EJOT, Piscataway N.J.

May 18-19

  • Rebecca Nurse Homestead

  • Danvers M.A.

June 1-2

  • "Occupied Long Island" Old Bethpage Restoration

  • Bethpage, N.Y.


  • Encampment at Mullford Farm

  • East Hampton, N.Y.

June 22-23

  • 240th Battle of Springfield

  • Springfield, N.J.

July 4

  • Southampton Independance Day Parade/BBQ

  • Southampton, N.Y.

The Best and one of the largest July fourth parades anywhere and not to be missed!

July 13-14

  • 240th Battle of Stony Point

  • Stony Point, N.Y.

August 17

  • 240th Battle of Paulus Hook

  • New Bridge Landing, River Edge, N.J.


  • Montauk Lighthouse Encampment

  • Montauk, N.Y./h2>



  • Battle of Brooklyn

  • Greenwood Cemetery, N.Y.

September 7-8

  • Brookhaven Town Fair

  • Longwood Estate, Brookhaven, N.Y.

September 21

  • Davis Town Meeting House

  • Coram, N.Y.

October 6

  • Sagtikos Manor Fall Festival/h2>

  • West Bayshore, N.Y.

October 12-13

  • Mount Harmon Plantation/h2>

  • Earleville, Md.

November 15

  • 243rd Battle of Fort Lee

  • Fort Lee, N.J.

3rd NY regiment Long Island Companies
Third NY Regiment 1775 2017 Schedule Feb 12 Annual Banquet Mar 11 Westhampton St Pats Parade (Pending) Apr May 20th Meiggs Raid, Sag Harbor (with 6th Ct Rgt) 21st Rock Hall 250th, Rock Hall Museum (RDLG Grant Funded) June 3 Wm Floyd Estate, Mastic, NY (Pending) (*) 24,25 Battle of Short Hills, N.J. (BAR) July 4 Southampton Parade TBA Westhampton Historical Encampment (RDLG Grant Funded) Aug 5 Mulford Farm encampment, East Hampton (*) 19,20 Montauk Lighthouse encampment (*) 26th Davis House (RDLG Grant Funded) Sept 9, 10 Brookhaven Town Fair! (*) 16 Culper Spy Day, Setauket (RDLG Grant Funded) Oct 1 Sagtikos Manor (RDLG Grant Funded) 7,8 Southold Encampment (RDLG Grant Funded) Nov 18 Fort Lee, N.J (BAR) Attending (*) and (RDLG Grant funded) events are strongly encouraged. Contact Cmdr. Andrew McClain 631-379-8710, 3ny1775@gmail.com Adj. Andy Freleng, Paymaster Ben Foster, Artillery Sgt Eric Follendorf Qtrmaster Towney Jones, Webmaster Noah Poppe VISIT: 3rdny.com The 3rd NY Regt of 1775 is grateful for the continued recognition and generous support of The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation.